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Car Repairs

Is Your Car in Need of Repair?

Then bring it in here to Merton Autotechnics! We do repairs to all makes of cars and light commercial vehicles, whether petrol or diesel.

Your safety is paramount to us; our fully qualified mechanics always use parts, of the highest standard and all of our parts and work are guaranteed.

How Much Will it Cost?

Our estimates are free! Prices for repair will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, and the type of repair needed. We will always call you before starting work if any additional costs or work becomes apparent after the initial inspection!

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Details of Our Repair Work


The most common items to wear on your brakes are the break pads themselves, we can replace these and also fix items such as the brake linings, master cylinders, wheel cylinders, discs and drums, calipers, hoses and metal brake pipes.


An exhaust with a hole or damage to it will not only fail it's MOT, but it will also reduce your fuel efficiency and be noisier, reducing your popularity with the neighbours! We can replace sections of the exhaust or the full system as required. We can also fit replacement catalytic converters.


If you have a fault with your suspension this could cause your vehicle to swerve erratically when braking at speed or cornering. We fix items such as the shock absorbers, road springs, track control arms, ball joints, bushes and other components.


Repairs to your steering could include the steering column bearings and couplings, steering column bushes, ball joints, power steering pumps and hydraulic systems, exchange manual and power steering racks.


We can repair problems with your electrics such as your vehicle's lights, electric sunroof and windows and windscreen wiper motor.


Your clutch will wear over time from general use. The first sign of wear is often your clutch slipping. If this is left unresolved your car could stop moving entirely as the clutch connects the engine to the drive system.

Electronic Systems

Using our comprehensive diagnostic systems we can resolve faults in your systems such as engine management, air bags, and ABS.

Timing Belt

Your vehicle's timing belt will need replacing at regular intervals specified by your manufacturer. If the timing belt fails it can have catastrophic effects, often resulting in the need for a complete engine replacement.

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